Terms Of Service

Last Updated April 1, 2024

Terms of Use for SMS or MMS Texting for O’Connor Investment Properties, LLC.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ THESE O’CONNOR INVESTMENT PROPERTIES, LLC SMS OR MMS TERMS OF SERVICE CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING UP FOR Our O’CONNOR INVESTMENT PROPERTIES, LLC TEXT MESSAGING PROGRAM.  For purposes of clarification of these SMS or MMS Terms, “OIP Texting Program”,  “O’Connor Properties, LLC”, “OIP, LLC”, “O’Connor Investment Properties, LLC”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “The company”, shall mean O’Connor Investment Properties, LLC and any of its co-owned businesses.

OIP Texting Program Description

Our service allows you to send or receive messages from a designated text number. Types of messages may include alerts for you personally, your neighborhood or apartment complex, general communication including updates, community news, and promotional offers directly related to you, and other content.

OIP Texting Program Consent and Participation Requirements

Texting allows Our company to communicate in an efficient way that most of our tenants can participate in.  By consenting to using Our texting service, you consent to receive text messages from Us.  Messages and data rates may apply. It is not Our goal or desire to inundate you with text messages concerning promotional efforts.  Message frequency will vary.

By participating in OIP Texting, you acknowledge and agree that you are eighteen years of age or older and have a mobile phone capable of two-way messaging and are a wireless subscriber with text messaging from a participating United States carrier. You acknowledge that you have all rights and authority to use the mobile device designated by you in conjunction with O’Connor Investment Properties, LLC and OIP Texting, and agree to the Terms set forth in this document.   You also agree that if your mobile number changes, for any reason, including but not limited to; cancellation of service,  disconnected by carrier, or the device or mobile phone is lost, you will immediately email Us at oiplima@gmail.com so that the number may be changed and or removed.

OIP Texting Program Opt-Out


OIP Texting Program Privacy

Please see Our Privacy Notice for details on how we strive to protect your privacy.

OIP Texting Program Change in Terms of Service

Terms may be updated to reflect changes in Our service or applicable laws.  You will be notified if any changes are implemented to the Terms.  Your continued use, once notified, would qualify as acceptance of the new Terms.

OIP Texting Program complies with CTIA guidelines.  Any questions or concerns may be brought to our attention at oiplima@gmail.com or 419.516.4486 (9am- 4pm Monday through Friday).  These terms are governed by the laws of Ohio.

OIP Texting Program Support and Contact Information

You may email oiplima@gmail.com or call 419.516.4486 (9am- 4pm Monday through Friday) for assistance, questions, or concerns with the OIP Texting Program.